What benefits does a swim spa offer?

What benefits does a swim spa offer?

If you are not familiar with swim spa, just the title is enough to make you wonder what it is and how it can benefit you. But for those who immediately knew that a swim spa is a smaller version of a swimming pool, heated and providing a perfect way for a person to improve their health without having to leave their home, then chances are, you immediately thought of a variety of reasons to get a swim spa. In fact, this new advance in the world of hydrotherapy and health has a huge following and is becoming popular for people of all ages, physical abilities, and available spaces.

A swimming spa, as its name suggests, is perfect for swimming in, but also ideal for therapy, fitness, and general well-being. But what are the common reasons why homeowners and even business owners invest in this water feature instead of a swimming pool? Here are some examples:

  • Size – Since most pools start out at 18 by 36 feet, it can take up a lot of our space. Since this is smaller (often 8 by 16 feet), you’re left with plenty of room for other items or activities.
  • Installation – Because they are installed above the ground, a hole being drilled is not necessary, which means no heavy equipment that will damage your patio. In addition, the installation process is relatively fast.
  • Less expensive – Because they are smaller, they cost much less to build and install – sometimes up to 4 times less, not to mention that they require less water and, by extension, fewer chemicals to keep them in perfect condition.
  • VERSATILE – Whether your goal is to get a few laps in each day, you need a place to recover from tired, arthritis or fibromyalgia muscles and you need to reduce pain or you just want to relax, this is the perfect place for water fun.
  • SAFE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY – The swim spa is a great place to encourage family time out. Plus, since it’s only 4.5 feet deep, it’s enough for kids to bring a few toys and enjoy the space as if they were a full-size pool.
  • YEAR ROUND USE – It can be used indoors or outdoors, so it can be used all the time. Even better, the swim spa is transportable, so you’re not limited to where you can use it.

A swim spa is a practical investment for anyone looking to improve their health and happiness. It can be designed to accommodate almost any space, and will provide you with hours of rest, relaxation, and strength-building. Talk to a local spa or pool installer to find out what options are available for your space.

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