5 reasons why swim spas make the best mini pools in the land

5 reasons why swim spas make the best mini pools in the land

Are you looking for small in-ground swimming pools? With so many pool options on the market, here are 5 reasons why swim spas are the perfect choice.

1. An extreme post

Don’t let its small size fool you. You can achieve the same activities in this small pool as you can in a large pool. In fact, some swim resorts offer more variety than large pools. This is mainly due to their water current feature. If you choose a pool with strong water current, you can easily swim, exercise, get a full body workout, rehabilitate, relax and have a lot of fun. It all depends on how the current is generated – paddle wheel, jets or propeller. Look for pools that offer a strong, adjustable current so that you can change the water from a lower velocity for easy, rehabilitative exercises to higher velocities for full intensity swimming or fitness exercises.

Swim spas come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose the perfect size for your needs. Some sleep 1 or 2 people while others sleep 8-10 people comfortably. If you opt for a fiberglass pool, you’ll even be able to customize the interior. Build benches, ladders, water walks and different depths to create your very own perfect pool.

Once you know your end goal, find a pool that best suits your needs. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to the perfect little place-
land pool.

2. Easy to maintain

Swimming pools are smaller than typical swimming pools and this makes their drainage much easier to clean and maintain. In addition, some manufacturers offer pools with an easy-to-clean gelcoat surface that helps reduce algae build-up and creates a barrier against moisture absorption.

Did you know that swimming spas emit few chemical smells? Its smaller water volume means that you use fewer chemicals that create less odor. This is great if you want to install your pool indoors. All of this adds up to a swimming pool that is easier to maintain and better for the environment.

3. Lower operating cost

We are all aware of the amount of water that we use in our daily lives. The smaller size of this pool means less water and less water which means lower heating costs and fewer chemicals – saving time and money. Look for insulated swim spas such as fiberglass units constructed with a wood core. They enhance heat retention to add even more savings.

Better yet, if you keep your pool covered with a thermal blanket or hard top cover, there is minimal evaporation, so you don’t need to fill it as often. The pool cover also results in less moisture and more heat retention. Winning everywhere!

4. Design it to complement your home

Many swimming pools can be ordered to suit your home d├ęcor. Choose tiles that work best for floors, walls, an entire room, or a backyard space. Some pool manufacturers, depending on the building material, allow you to choose the color of the pool itself. Here’s a great interactive tool to play around with tile colors and grouping. Choose a white pool that matches a blue indoor pool. Perhaps you would like a striking black or a cool gray. It only takes your imagination to create the ultimate swimming pool spa oasis.

5. Small pools are easier to install

Most spas take up less space than traditional small in-ground pools. The footprint can be as large as 8″ x 20″ or as large as 10″ x 22″ to accommodate multiple users. Depending on the building material, install it in the ground or above the ground. Build one in your deck, tuck it in the corner of a room, create a solarium in your sunroom, or a beautiful backyard retreat.

Smaller pool area also means less construction. Once the space is prepared, it won’t take long to install it. If access is an issue, look for course packages that can be delivered in sections. This makes it easy to fit into small spaces. Whether you are building a new room or want to put your pool in an existing space, less construction means less money.

The beauty of a swim spa is that you get the functionality of the big pool in the ultimate mini pool package. There is no limit to what you can achieve when swim spas are mini swimming pools in the ground.

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